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Providing supplemental water is killing quail and the Texas Horned Lizard.  KB

A prophet does not ramble.  KB

My grandmother once told me that if I ever figured out how to control prickly pear that I would be a millionaire.  My grandmother was a liar.  I am not a millionaire.

I get many calls from folks asking what to about their prickly pear.  I tell them the first thing to do is to stop whatever you are doing to cause the problem.

If you shoot all the rattlesnakes, what will the Bobcats play with?

Giving from the heart is Godly.  Giving from the mind is manly.

Native Americans use of fire reduced the size and intensity of wildfires.

I am somewhere in between John Muir and Gifford Pinchot.

Smoke heals the land.  ~Scott Trevey (look up butenolide)

Do all you can to promote red harvester ants. They are probably the most important species on your ranch. KB

If we have to compromise on doing what's best for the land, is that cooperative or failure? KB

I am not sure when I became "old school".  KB

Tradition is not more important than stewardship or saving the ranch. KB

If you take a 5 mile hike through your ranch, are you predator or prey?  If you are not both, then your ranch is in chaos. KB

If you practice good stewardship on your ranch, then your water table is rising. KB

If you can convince a gobbler that you are a hen, does that make you a girly-man? KB

If the main diet of Bobcats is rabbits, then why are you shooting the rabbits? KB

If Mountain Lions love to eat deer, then why do I have so many deer on this ranch? (Update...they prefer Aoudad 3 to one over deer) KB

How many deer were on your ranch in the year 1720?

If a dove lands 3 ft from you while you are working on a water trough, is it dumb or smart?  KB

The goal should not be to get through the material, the goal should be to teach the material. KB

There is a difference between presenting the information and teaching it. KB

Approach every burn with humility and respect. KB

Rural Texans are about to get a very small taste of how Native Americans felt....KB

If you have to wear two hats, then you are two-faced.  AB

The easiest things to grow on range lands are trees and shrubs.  All you have to do is overgraze and/or never let it burn. KB

Without the death penalty, we would not have a Savior.  AB&KB

The goal is not to follow tradition; the goal is to save the ranch.  KB

We need to be about the King's business. ~Stan Reinke

Tell my manager...I go, intend begin.  Jesus (said to me by an acquaintance that did not know my line of work)

Texas has followed the same strategy that created the wildfires of California, New Mexico, Arizona and Yellowstone (and now Colorado). KB

Don't plant what you already have!  KB

In the past, fire killed the baby brush.  If you can't understand that, then you will spend the rest of your life "trying" to kill the adult brush.  KB

If you want to grow the Church.....unwrap the gifts.

Being overstocked causes us to be in debt to the land, which is no different than being in debt at the bank.  ~Barron Rector

If someone forgets your name, what one word would they use to introduce you?  KB

Stewards of the land can't see through walls.  ~Kimberly Haile

There is no such thing as "mother nature".  KB

Never build a workshop near an old sheep pen.  KB

The biggest bucks are killed in the black.  KB

Math is everything.  KB

We know nothing about Fire Ecology in Texas.  KB

A rancher that has to buy hay is no different than a banker that has to get a loan. KB

You will know if you were called to be a teacher, if people give you credit for things that you did not teach them. KB

I am no longer afraid of terrorist, but I am afraid of my own countrymen. KB

If someone drives the devil out of your body, will you be able to remain standing? KB

If you can't name it, you can't see it.  If you can't see it, you can't manage it. ~Dr. Jake Landers

If you take God out of man, then you don't even have dirt left. (adam = man, adamah = fertile soil) KB

Instead of using your land to manage your livestock, you should use your livestock to manage your land. ~ Dr. Bill Dahl

Universities do not design their courses to improve a student's understanding of stewardship.  Their courses are designed to improve a student's chances of obtaining a government job.  KB

Don't love your Live Oaks to death.  KB

Don't love your Texas Red Oaks to death. KB

Brush piles and slash provide excellent habitat for skunks, raccoons, rattlesnakes, possums, etc. KB

Brush piles and slash improve the intensity and spread of wildfires. KB

If you save your brush piles and slash in order to protect your grasses, then you are overstocked.  KB

The biggest brush problem in the Texas Hill Country is Live Oak. KB

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